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All our products are manufactured in compliance with extremely high quality standards and certified in line with very strict quality controls. We produce lenses and solutions in the Pontecorvo factory (Frosinone, near Rome) and from the outset, we have paid considerable attention to the quality of raw materials we use in our work.

I.Q. - EYE QUALITY is part of the ISO 13485 certified company, Soleko S.p.a., that has a specific certification for Medical Devices, a category which includes contact lenses and solutions.

The certificate is renewed every 3 years by the Notified Body after an in-depth and repeated analysis of maintenance, respect and improvement for all the quality procedures on usage. Furthermore, each year, a control audit is run to check that internal procedures have been updated to the new quality standards.

The control, approval and authorisation by the Notified Body means Soleko can apply the EC label on their products, essential for the sale of “Medical Devices”.
Soleko has entrusted TUV from Munich (Germany), one of the most skilled in Europe, with their Medical Device certification.


  • Certified ISO 13485
  • CE Certified - CE 0123
  • Products JFDA approved (Japan)
  • Certified TUV Germany

The Ministry of Health has certified I.Q. EYE QUALITY color contact lenses in each country we sell.