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Return policy


Because of their personal nature, Queenscolor is unable to accept returns for contact lenses; We cannot replace your lenses if you do not like the colour or the prescription you have ordered.

We replace them, only in the event that you receive a defective lens;

To return the defective lens, follow the instructions below, and we will send you an identical replacement (the same lens model, colour and prescription):

  • STEP 1:
    Contact Queenscolor’s Customer Care department sending the request by mail to indicating in the subject: "Defective lens" and the order number.

  • STEP 2:
    Return the defective lenses to Queenscolor within 7 business days of receiving it to the following address:

    To: Soleko
    Street address: Via Ravano snc
    City: Pontecorvo (FR)
    Zip/Postal code: 03037
    Country: Italy

    Remember to include as much of the original packaging as possible (box, blister pack, bubble pack etc.); If you have opened the bubble pack, place the lenses in a lens case with contact lens solution and return to us.

  • STEP 3:
    Your returned lenses will be examined by Queenscolor’s team and if the lens has a defect, we will send a replacement to you.

Please follow the above instructions carefully, otherwise we will be unable to replace your lenses or issue a refund.


  • All returns are subject to inspection; all packages, including the original containers, must be unmarked and not defaced in any manner.
  • Customers are responsible for all return shipping charges

TERMINATION of the contract by I.Q.

I.Q. exercises the right to terminate the contract for legal purposes, but also in the case where:

  • the purchase price agreed is not reciprocated by the client correctly and over time,
  • if as a result of incorrect information provided by the seller, the purchase price agreed, availability, discounts or promotion can no longer be satisfied as agreed with the client,
  • if as a result of force majeure or due to third parties the goods cannot be consigned under the agreed conditions. The following series of cases are seen as critical circumstances which lead to an order being cancelled, especially: problems linked to identification, ownership and availability of goods, identification of the purchaser, purchase price, amount and means of any application of discounts or other promotions, payment methods and delivery means.