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SOLITAIRE - Violet Spheric

£ 36.19

3 days + delivery times
Sold in packs of 2 lenses.
SPHERIC: Lenses for short-sightedness and far-sightedness
Strength (PWR)

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SOLITAIRE is worn for up to three months and is designed for those who love seducing with simplicity, thanks to a natural, deep and bright stare.

Each colouring has a slight hint designed to precisely reproduce the natural grading of the iris.


Material Polymacon H2O: 38%
H2O 38%
BC (mm) 8.60
DIA (mm) 14.00
DK/t 9.0 +/- 2
Colour Violet
Prescription Spheric for myopia and hypermetropia
Lens type Quarterly lenses
Collection Solitaire


The final colour, resulting from the application of the lens to the eye, is subject to a large number of variables such as the chromatic basis of the iris, production batch and kind of lens selected. The end effect can differ from what is imagined at an initial chromatic assessment via digital support.

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